Exceptionally accurate images for hospitals around the world.

Importance of the Healthcare Team

The modern healthcare field is becoming ever more sophisticated and complex. Not only doctors, but nurses, clinical engineers, and other healthcare professionals all have to demonstrate expertise and mutual cooperation in order to treat patients. The importance of this "healthcare team" is always building; only when the team works well together can high quality healthcare be achieved.

Diversification of Medical Information

With the spread of operating room (OR) hybridization, minimally invasive surgery, and robotic surgery, the use of video equipment in operations is increasing every year. Various medical information needs to be accessible in the limited space of the OR – endoscopic and microscopic images, surgical video feeds, heart rate monitoring, respiratory and brain activity, X-ray and ultrasound images, and electronic patient charts – all of this information needs to be viewed by the healthcare team in the operating room.

Efficient Information Handling

In order for a healthcare team to be successful, it is essential that they have access to a visual environment that allows them to share information, exchange opinions, and cooperate efficiently together. To achieve this, a wide variety of medical information must be centrally managed so the right information is displayed at the right time and place, and recordings and live feeds can be viewed as necessary according to each workflow..

Experience the Future of Operating Room Technology

As a visual technology company, EIZO uses its technical expertise in visual display solutions to offer state-of-the-art video management systems to provide the OR with safety, cleanliness, and peace of mind.

CuratOR - Reliable Technology from a Single Source

With CuratOR, EIZO offers complete solutions for interventional radiology, the control room, and the integrated OR. CuratOR is designed specifically for the healthcare field. This means there are no limits in terms of developing solutions thanks to the comprehensive EIZO product line.

Transform your Reading Experience

Due to digitization and improved efficiency of medical imaging devices (modalities), radiologists have experienced an overall increase in the demand for medical image reading. EIZO developed its unique Work-and-Flow function to ease the workload with a solution that addresses workflow efficiency.

With just a slight move of the cursor you can view the examination list only as needed - hiding the list while not in use. Additionally, to facilitate a smooth workflow and make the reading room more comfortable, only one mouse and keyboard is required to operate multiple monitors.

View at the Appropriate Resolution

Each modality varies in its display of medical images with regards to size and information volume. The RadiForce G&R-Series offers monitors that come in a range of resolutions for displaying images appropriate for each modality.

Multi-Modality Readiness

With advances in medical imaging technology over the years, hospitals are now handling a wider variety and larger volume of image data. As a result, it is increasingly common for medical facilities to use a mix of different monitors to interpret images. EIZO's RadiForce Multi-Series allows a variety of images to be displayed on a single screen with accuracy.

Conveniently View Images Side-by-Side

RadiForce multi-modality monitors allow you to view images side by side without the obtrusive bezels typically found in a multi-monitor setup. This prevents the eye from being disrupted when moving between two screens for reader efficiency.

Simple Quality Control

Managing a large number of monitors in hospitals calls for a lot of effort. RadiNET Pro Web Hosting provides an EIZO-hosted web server which allows the central management of all connected monitors for peace of mind.

Cost-Efficiency for Clinical Review Applications

Thanks to the advances in hospital IT services, networks now allow us to refer to various medical images and electronic medical records simultaneously. Most medical images are viewed in accordance with DICOM standards but the costs associated with introducing high performance, DICOM Part 14 compliant medical monitors in all areas of a hospital can be a challenge.

Finding the Optimal Balance

When considering an optimal environment, cost is a major factor. Although it is ideal to install high-performance medical monitors throughout the entire hospital, it is important to consider which products are best suited to each environment.

EIZO's RadiForce MX-Series offers the high image quality needed for viewing medical images while maintaining cost-efficiency, balancing affordability and performance.

EIZO is able to achieve this balance because of our experience with developing and manufacturing standard monitors for other markets in addition to those specialized for healthcare.

Intuitive Operation

Because electronic medical records need to be handled during an examination, a monitor that is intuitive to operate is essential for smooth interaction.

The RadiForce MS235WT touch panel monitor can display X-ray and DICOM-optimized images in the ideal tones and has intuitive multitouch operation and compatibility with styluses.

High Resolution for Digital Mammography

In order to see the fine details in dense tissue, digital mammography images should exceed 5 million pixels. The RadiForce GX540's 5 megapixel high resolution ensures that details are preserved when viewing high volume breast images.

Streaming the Workflow

In order to achieve a more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer, a combination of mammography and ultrasound screenings are carried out. If cancer cannot be easily detected, more precise methods such as MRI may be used. To accurately display and compare this variety of color and monochrome images on one screen, EIZO offers the RadiForce RX850 multi-modality monitor.

Recommended by Radiologists

A research study conducted by the University of Arizona demonstrated reader efficiency of the 8 megapixel RadiForce RX850 compared to dual 5 megapixel monitors when viewing mammography images. The study showed that on average the radiologists saved 10% of the time spent viewing and scanning the images on a single 8 megapixel screen compared to the dual 5 megapixel monitors, improving the workflow. In addition, the Radiforce RX850 had the same diagnostic accuracy as the 5 megapixel monitors.

In a separate study, 77% of radiologists surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that using the EIZO RX850 workstation for both color and monochrome images in a multi-modality environment would improve how efficiently they work.

Optimized Reading Room

According to the "European guidelines for quality assurance in breast cancer screening and diagnoses," the mammography diagnoses reading room must have an illuminance of 20 lux or less.

RadiLight illuminates the wall behind the monitor, providing lighting in accordance with these guidelines and also ensures that there is no reflection on the screen to interfere with your work.

Appropriate Grayscale Tones to Accurately Reproduce Dental X-ray Images

A Dental X-ray images are used for a detailed view of teeth, bone, nerves, and soft tissue. When displayed on a standard monitor for general office use, the image can sometimes not be seen correctly due to differences in the grayscale tone characteristics between individual monitors. We recommend the RadiForce MX-Series monitors, which conform to DICOM part 14 specifications, for dental clinics to ensure that images are reproduced accurately and smoothly.

High Definition for Smooth Color Reproduction

The RadiForce MX-Series monitors use a high-contrast panel that reproduces an intense and realistic "black". They reproduce minute details such as texture or spacial dimensionality of monochrome images. In color images, they reproduce a vivid contrast between black and other colors such as red, yellow or blue. With the rich color reproducibility, the monitors accurately render details such as gum color in oral cavity images.

Extensive Lineup to Suit Your Needs

In addition to the traditional X-rays, CT imaging is becoming increasingly widespread in dental care. You can select a monitor with the optimum resolution for your display needs, for example the simultaneous display of 2D and 3D CT scan images, panoramic images, or comparison with photographic images of the oral cavity. Wide-screen monitors enable you to take in all the information at a glance and work more efficiently.

Cells and Tissue Displayed Accurately

RadiForce monitors ensure accurate color display by using the 10-bit LUT (look-up table) to select the optimum tones. The cells and tissue being observed are faithfully displayed with excellent color reproduction.

Stable Image Quality Means Reliable Pathological Observations

The RadiForce monitors detect gradual changes in display quality that are then calibrated. It offers reliable long-term use with maintained high definition.